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Scripture Mastery Scripture Chain Activity Day

This information was originally published at http://kenalford.com/semlist/2002/02jan25.htm and sent out as part of Ken Alford’s email list to Seminary teachers. In the next several [Seminary-Notes] messages, we’ll consider some ideas for “non-game” scripture mastery activity days that you might wish to try. The first idea is to hold two “scripture mastery scripture chain” activity days. Scripture Mastery Scripture Chain Activity Day (Day 1)  ============================================ Assign small student teams to create scripture…
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Make a Seminary Basic Doctrines Candy Box

This Seminary Basic Doctrines Candy Box makes introducing the 9 seminary doctrines easy.  Just print, cut, fold, tape, and you’re set! The box is perfect for Christmas gifts, Seminary graduation gifts, Freshman orientation, inservice favors, or just because! You’ll need tape or glue dots Hershey Nugget Labels – I print on HP Everyday paper.  It’s a glossy coated inkjet paper that gives superior professional-looking results. Box Template – print on…
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Group wall post by Cathy Borchardt

By Cathy Borchardt Cathy Borchardt : THIS WORKED! Great for a flex day. I handed out 3×5 cards. On the top of each was a basic doctrine and a few extra topics ( I have 18 students). They picked a card, wrote a question a nonmember might have about it. Then they turned in the cards and then they picked a card again-not theirs-and wrote an answer based on scriptures…
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