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Young Women Meeting Agenda

By Kristin I’ve got another young women planning document to share with you! I revamped our presidency agenda, and turned it into an editable pdf. Download the pdf, then open in Adobe Acrobat. You can then click in any section of the agenda to input your agenda information. Hope this is a helpful tool for […]


Young Women Meeting Agenda Template – EDITABLE

This meeting agenda is for use during Sunday Young Women Meetings.  It is formulated to be low ink usage. This agenda has only four text areas, making it more customizable.  If you have special things in your opening exercises, like a missionary moment or something similar, this agenda can easily be adjusted to suit your […]


Relief Society Meeting Agenda Template -EDITABLE

This meeting agenda is for use during any type of Relief Society Meeting Agenda.  There are two styles of agenda: RSMeetingAgenda.pdf has several blanks and is not very customizable.  It contains a typical agenda. RSMeetingAgendaSIMPLE.pdf has only four text areas, making it more customizable.  If you have special things in your opening exercises, like a […]


FHE Agenda Form

This is a family Home Evening agenda form you can use to help conduct and plan your FHE activities. My children love to fill out an agenda and conduct our Family Home Evenings. Remember when using this form that “In a statement regarding family home evening in 1915, the First Presidency said that ‘formality and […]


Mutual Agenda

This mutual agenda is based on instructions for Mutual Opening Exercises found at Structure and Organization of Mutual at

LDS Handout

Seminary Agenda – Tabloid Size

I saw something like this in another Seminary teacher’s classroom. She had a poster on the back wall of her classroom to help the class president stay on track when conducting class. I gave my class president and class vice president an agenda, but neither would use it. I hope that this will help our […]

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Monthly Opening Excercises Organizer

This monthly form was submitted by Beverly R. It includes space for the date, practice songs, lesson, presidency message, opening song, opening prayer, theme, scripture/thought and theme. She says “These are our opening exercise forms. In the YW presidency we alternate months that we put together opening exercises. We give the monthly form to each […]

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8 Month Mutual Planner

Rachael P was looking for a Mutual planner that showed more than one month’s assignments at a time. When she couldn’t find anything, she created this document and sent it to me to share with you! Has 8 months of Mutual planning blanks on one sheet. You enter the date, activity, and leaders’ names. 1 […]

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Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda – 2

It should be noted that Emergency Preparedness and Transition were assigned to the Enrichment and Education counselors respectively by the RS President in this unit — those assignments are made according to ward and presidency needs. This is the text from this file: Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda Date: ________________ 1. Prayer (kneeling, use list […]

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LDs Young Women Agenda for Sunday Opening Exercises

I have just been called as Young Women secretary, and this is the agenda form that we use. Each week the girls get a different spiritual thought-type message, depending on the week of the month it is. This is noted at the bottom of the page. Princess for a day: each of the girls have […]