General Conference Activity II

We had to revise our activity just a bit so I thought I would share how the changes we made.  We still used some of the ideas from my last post.First off, as mentioned in my previous post, we did discuss the calling of new apostles as well as play…


General Conference Activity Ideas

Since conference is right around the corner, we are going to be gearing our activity next week towards that.  Here are a few links that you might find useful in preparing a General Conference activity.We will be playing Conference Headhandz from L…


4th of July Tie Dye Shirts

In our little town, the Fourth of July is a big deal, so when we told the girls we would be making red, white and blue tie dye shirts, they were very excited!Very little preparation was involved other than purchasing: red and blue dye, white t-shirts a…


Dinner Service Activity

My partner had a baby a few months ago so the girls and I made dinner for her family.  We kept the menu simple in order to be done on time and not have any hiccups.Each girl, or a team of girls, was assigned a job.  I’ll share some of those j…

Baby Blanket Service Activity

The mom of a little gal in our group is expecting a new baby.  We decided it was the perfect opportunity to pull out the sewing machine and quilting stands to make some burp rags and blankets.  The girls loved it!  They loved it so much …


Young Women Theme Bookmark

Remember the Activity Days Camp I mentioned? I haven’t gotten around to sharing anything from it yet with so many new projects arising, but to get started with that, I have a super cute bookmark! I made these after I was sure I’d seen something like it…


Activity Days Camp with Young Women

I had some great (and not so great) experiences in Activity Days years ago. I’ve experienced some of the best and the worst. In my current ward they generally don’t hold activities in the summer, because so many girls and leaders are busy and vacationi…


Activity Days: The Love Between a Mother and Daughter is Forever

At this Mother/Daughter activity, the focus was on spending time together, doing activities that built relationships through working together and communication.  The girls rotated through the following activities with their mothers. 1. They made a tile that said, “The love between a mother and daughter is forever” 2. They shared some achievement or goal they […]


Activity Days: Let’s Get Together Carnival Night

Here’s a great activity that focuses on specific goals.  If your group needs to increase in unity and friendship, this is an activity for you. Goals: Activity Day Girls went to three different schools and cliques were forming.  The leaders wanted to encourage girls to include everyone, increase friendship in activity days and become more […]


Activity Days: Talent Show Recognition Activity

There were a lot of things I loved about this activity.  The chance to shine and share are just two of them. Whenever you have a Talent Show, you run the risk of girls not wanting to participate because maybe they are too nervous or they feel like they don’t have a “talent” to display.  Keep […]


Activity Days: Daddy Daughter “Minute To Win It” Games

Silly.  Fun.  Friendly competition.  Laughter.  Teamwork.  Lots of giggling.  That’s what happened at this Daddy/Daughter event for Activity Days. We’re starting up Recognition Activities in our area and this is the first one I got to visit.  I am not in charge of these activities any more – I just get to attend them – so […]

Relief Society Necklace

Make an LDS Necklace for less than $2.00

Bottlecap jewelry is becoming very popular these days because this type of jewelry is easy to make and inexpensive.  In fact, you can make a beautiful necklace in less than five minutes for less than $2.00 with our Resin Dome Pendant Necklace Kit. Step One: Gather Supplies You’ll need: Scissors One Resin Dome Pendant Necklace […]