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2014 Scripture Reading Chart

Here is the 2014 scripture reading chart reading “I have read the scriptures every day in 2014”!  Enjoy! With or without scripture image.   Also available as a plain 2 per page version.  

Christ Silhouette

This is a silhouett version of the Christus Statue with some alterations for ease of printing.

Articles of Faith Flashcards

I had someone give me the suggestion the other day to make some simple flashcards to help children memorize the Articles of Faith.I thought it was such a cute idea and thought I would share what I came up with! I made a front and back for each Article of Faith flashcard, On one side, it shows the actual Article of Faith. On the other side, it shows a picture and…
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Testimony Building, Fourth Article of Faith, Solid Foundation

Object Lesson

I wanted to teach the children about the 4th article of faith and how these principles and ordinances can help us build and strengthen our personal testimony. To do this I needed to build a small table. I was able to cut a piece of particle board into a 6 inch by 4 inch rectangle. Then I found some wooden doweling and cut four, four inch lengths. I then drilled…
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Let your light so shine (in the microwave)

Object Lesson

Place a lightbulb in a glass of water so the metal base is submersed and place in the Microwave. Turn on. The light bulb won’t turn on. Remove the glass and place salt in the water. Place in microwave again and turn on. This time the bulb will light up. Analogies: Our good example makes it possible for the light of christ to shine throughout the earth. Light – Light…
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Scripture Mastery Muffin Cup Game

Seminary Mom

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