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At the Ohio lesson

In December 1830 the Saints were commanded to move to Ohio(see D&C 37:3), and in January 1831 they were 

promised that they would be “endowed with power from on high” if they would obey (D&C 38:32).

Those who gathered in Ohio were greatly blessed. Continuous revelations led the Saints to deeper understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, they received the blessings that came from building a temple and preaching the gospel. While the Church grew in numbers and spiritual strength in Ohio, severe opposition also increased against the Church and its leaders. 

The Prophet Joseph Smith lived in Kirtland from January 1831 to January 1838.

Explain that in January 1831, the Prophet Joseph Smith and his wife,Emma, as well as Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge, left New York for Ohio. Most of the New York Saints followed during the next five months.

I made up four Mini-lessons- and had them rotate from station to station

At the Ohio lesson

At the Ohio lesson

The Law of the Church

Sir Isaac Newton is well known for his three laws of motion. The first law of motion, the law of inertia, states that objects at rest will remain at rest, and objects in motion will remain in motion, unless acted on by an outside force. Inertia, a resistance to change, depends on both mass and friction. In this activity you will observe the inertia of a penny at rest.
I found this activity online…they had to put the index card on the cup with a penny on top of the card. Then flip the 
card out having the penny fall into the cup. 
Using their scriptures and journals answer some questions about the Law of the Church (D&C 42)
                                             At the Ohio lesson

D&C 38:32 and 88: 119 the promised to endow the saints with power from on high and gave them commandments.
I had a Kirkland Ohio Temple fact sheet for them to read and questions for them to answer
They were to then build a edible temple out of marshmallows, graham crackers and frosting

At the Ohio lesson

At the Ohio lesson
D&C 42: 6-7 the Lord gave them commandments about missionary work
Once the Kirtland Temple had been dedicated and the keys for the gathering of Israel had been restored, members of the 

Church began to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in more places.

Using their scriptures: Map 3 in the Church History Maps section (“The New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio Area of the USA”).
 they found that:
Kirtland was an ideal location to begin to send missionaries throughout the world. Kirtland was near several main routes of transportation in the United States. From Kirtland, missionaries only had to travel short distances to access steamboats on

America’s major rivers and Lake Erie. They also had access to a national road system to the south and a canal system to the north. Because of this,Kirtland was the point of departure for missions to Canada, other parts of the United States, and Great Britain.

Because of missionary work during this time, the membership of the Church throughout the world increased by thousands.In 1837, 
Elders Heber C. Kimball and Orson Hyde were called along with five others on a mission to Great Britain, where they baptized around 2,000 people. By 1838, when the Saints left Kirtland because of persecution, there were about 2,000 members of the Church living in
Kirtland and nearly 18,000 worldwide

Mini-lesson 4—Other Significant Revelations and Events       

Read D&C 42:61

Joseph Smith arrived in Ohio, the Lord told him that he would “receive revelation upon revelation” if he would ask God.

-Turn to the chronological order of contents of the Doctrine and Covenants (located after the introduction).

Determine the location where most of the revelations recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants were received. 

Locate D&C 76; 89; 107; 137. Read the section introduction and skim the section summary located before the first verse.

In your journal write why each of these sections is significant.

Activity: New Years Resolutions

As people all over the world make New Years Resolutions, you might want to make some with your Primary.   Make and draw strips with the following resolutions and/or others you might think of.  As the children draw a strip from the hat, read the resolution and see if they can think of one or more songs that relate.  My suggestions are written below.  At the end of Singing Time, ask the children to choose two or three of these resolutions to adopt as a group for 2015.

Make sure that everyone feels loved and included.
Jesus Said Love Everyone
Love One Another
Kindness Begins With Me
Keep reverence during lessons.
Reverently, Quietly
To Think About Jesus
Recognize when the Spirit is present in lessons.
The Holy Ghost
The Still Small Voice
Learn as much as possible about Christ and develop a testimony of Him.
Jesus Once Was a Little Child
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
Look for blessings and reasons to be grateful.
For Health and Strength
Say meaningful prayers.
I Pray in Faith
Listen for ideas we can share with our families.
Try to find opportunities to invite our friends to Primary.
Remember to bring our scriptures
Search, Ponder and Pray
Books in the…  Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon
Memorize the Articles of Faith
(any of the Articles of Faith songs)
Be cheerful and happy
If You’re Happy and You Know It

D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

I did this years ago and thought it would be fun to do again.  

I took a file folder and wrote in white crayon on the inside front cover. They had to dip a q-tip in colored water and rub over to reveal the Top Secret case they were to solve.

D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

Each of them received a Detective Badge…and put them on

D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

Then went off to a quiet place in the building

D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

Where they worked to solve the mystery

D&C 3, 10 116 pages Lost

“Best part”, once again, they were looking in the scriptures to find answers.  A great principal they will need to use throughout their lives

Some of the Questions were:

1.  The Plot- D&C 10: 9-18


1.   The Motive- D&C 10:19

W.Who are the suspects? D&C 3:9, 12-13; 10: 7-8, section heading
1.  Satan’s reasoning-D&C 10:20-29

1.  According to D&C 10: 44-46 what was on the small plates of Nephi that was of greater worth than what was lost on the 116 pages of manuscript?

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