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72 hour kit information updated

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I received an email from a viewer the other day pointing out that there were some bad links on my Emergency Preparedness page on 72-hour kits over at MormonShare.com.  I wrote that article what seems like a hundred years ago and haven’t thought about it in ages.  It was good to get some feedback and […]

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72 Hour Emergency Supply Kits

From a post that no longer exists, but is archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/20140814220547/http://www-suares.stanford.edu/72hour-kit.html From: [email protected] (Dorothy Heydt) Newsgroups: ca.earthquakes Subject: 72 Hour Emergency Supply Kits (**LONG**) Date: 6 Nov 89 18:39:20 GMT Organization: University of California, Berkeley Lines: 713 I have just been taught how to post. Here is the information that I have put together from a number or sources on the preparation of 72 hour kits. It is very…
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Jenny’s 1500/2000/2500 Calorie 72 hour Kit Menus

I’ve grown increasingly concerned about the menus frequently created at Enrichment meetings for 72 hour kits consisting of oatmeal, chewing gum, and beef sticks. Read my rant. These low calorie menus fail to meet the dietary needs of individuals in a crisis. I created these menus to meet caloric, protein, and carbohydrate needs for adults and children, male and female, while keeping sodium to a minimum. I’ve included a price…
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S.A.F.E. Emergency Preparedness Plan

S.A.F.E. – Simplified And easy Format for Emergencies This document was shared during a regional welfare training in Virginia, and LaRene O. gave me a copy: “It is to be saved to your hard drive so changes can be made with ease. Once it is filled out, copy it and place inside a water proof bag or laminate and keep in you 72 hour kit, in your wallet, with your…
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LDS Emergency Preparedness Manual

This document is one I found online. It was originally created by the Magna Utah Stake in 1997 and contains a variety of useful preparedness information. Among the more interesting items are a list of individual, ward, stake, and district responsiblities in an emergency. It also has a map with a possible use of a standard church building in an emergency. It’s targeted at the Magna Stake, but much of…
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LDS Emergency Preparedness Manual – 2

This document is one I received from our Stake Emergency Preparedness Specialist who got it from a neighboring unit. It is based on one originally created by the Bonneville First Ward in Salt Lake City. This version was created for a West Jordan Utah Stake. It is extremely detailed and has lots of practical information and lists. It even includes a basic first aid guide. 110 pages. Available in PDF…
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