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LDS Poetry by Ron Tranmer

Ron sent me these files several years ago, and I am going through some old emails while on a work vacation and am posting them now.   Choose The Right Follow the Savior. Let Him be your guiding light. When faced with life’s decisions, He will help you choose the right. The devil wants to have you, And He’ll try with all his might. Knock him off your shoulder. Be…
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Ten Commandments Memorization Card for Scripture Mastery

I created this handout to help my students memorize the 10 commandments in Seminary. It has the scripture, the scripture with blanks, the scripture with first letters of each word, the magic squares reminders and the license plate. I folded this handout in half and laminated it so that the student could hold the side with the blanks up while someone in front of them checks their wording with the…
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10 Commandments Activities

1. Divide the older children into groups to discuss rules that we should obey in our families, schools, church, and country. Have them consider the benefits of obeying the rules and the consequences of not obeying them (e.g., If everyone talks at once, no one will be heard). A member of each group could report for that group. Or at a later time a member of each group could be…
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