Worthy Thoughts Activities

1. Write situations like the following on slips of paper. Give one to each class. Have them discuss it, then role-play the situation and a possible solution for the whole group: (a) You are at your friend’s house and he or she wants to watch a video your parents do not approve of. What should you do? (b) You are watching a TV show and realize that it is very violent. What should you do? (c) You are riding in the backseat of a car. The music on the radio is loud and irreverent. What should you do?

2. Invite a panel of adult members, including a member of the bishopric, to discuss with the children the kinds of media choices that they (the panel) had to make when they were young and what helped them make good choices. Each panel member could briefly discuss the topic. Teachers could help children formulate questions to ask panel members.

3. Gather materials for fun activities to be used as alternatives to TV or video viewing; place some in a box or envelope for each child, and let each child decorate his or hers. Add items over a period of several weeks. The Friend magazine is an excellent source for such materials (for example: stories, games, crafts, and word searches, dot-to-dot, other puzzles).

4. Clear a space in the middle of the room. Choose several different types of Primary songs, and one child for each song to lead the other children around the room, moving according to how the music makes her or him feel. Discuss the power of music over our feelings and thoughts. This variety from the Children’s Songbook might be considered: “Called to Serve,” p. 174 (marching); “The Oxcart,” p. 219 (slow plodding); “Follow the Prophet,” p. 110 (dancing); “Do As I’m Doing,” p. 276 (skipping); “I Feel My Savior’s Love,” p. 74 (quiet reverence).

5. Explain that choosing to think about the beautiful things that Heavenly Father and Jesus have placed on the earth can make us feel good. Show pictures of or items from nature, such as seeds, fruit, leaves, flowers, an egg; talk about them. Have each child draw something he or she can think about that will bring feelings of love and thanksgiving.

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