True in All Things

Using pictures, briefly remind the children of the story of the people of Ammon, who buried their weapons, and of their sons, who fought with Helaman (see Alma 53:10–22; Alma 56:47–49, 54–56).

The two thousand young men were strong and active and true at all times. Say that you are looking for some strong, active, true persons. Have a child hold a prop (a helmet, sword, or shield) such as a stripling soldier might have carried, and respond to a situation as he/she might as a modern young warrior who is “true at all times.” Allow as many children to come up as time permits.

Possible situations:
• You broke a dish, and your mother asks who did it.
• You help pick up money that has spilled and are tempted to take some. • You wanted two pieces of dessert; then your mother said that the last piece was for your father.
• You took a job weeding a neighbor’s garden, then a friend asked you to go to the park with him.
• You didn’t study for a test, and a friend who always gets As offers to let you see her paper.
• You are at the grocery store and want some gum but have no money.

(See Primary 2 manual, Lesson 34, for other situations.)

Have a group of children come up and stand like stripling warriors to lead the others in singing the chorus of “Nephi’s Courage” (CS, pp. 120–121).

[To close, emphasize we can all be like the stripling warriors — true in all things — by choosing the right. ~Jenny]

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