Second Coming and Preparedness Activities

1. Take a piece of string or yarn long enough to make a large circle, thread it through two empty spools, and tie the ends together. Have the children stand in a circle and hold on to the yarn. As the music is played, the children move the spools along the yarn. When the music stops, the two children who are holding the spools tell one way they can prepare for the time when Jesus comes again. Children can sing “When He Comes Again” (Children’s Songbook, p. 82) while the game is played. Play until every child has given a suggestion.

2. Divide the children into groups with a teacher or leader in each one. Read together the account of the Savior appearing to the Nephites in the Western Hemisphere (see 3 Ne. 11:7–17). Talk about when Jesus blessed the Nephite children (see 3 Ne. 17:11–13, 18–24), and about what it might be like when He comes again. Let the children share their ideas with the rest of the Primary in a news-interview format.

3. Using simple costumes, dramatize the parable of the ten virgins. Let the children who play the parts of the foolish virgins express their feelings about how it feels to be left out and about the importance of being prepared. Discuss how doing good things each day is like putting oil in our lamps.

4. Assign one part of the parable to each class, and have them illustrate it on a large piece of paper. Ask the children to stand in sequence, explain their picture, and tell their part of the parable. Invite a member of the bishopric to attend and respond.

5. Children could make small lamps out of play dough (see Primary 1, p. xv) and use them to tell the parable of the ten virgins. They could take the lamps home and share the parable and the present-day application at family home evening.

6. Have the children draw pictures to illustrate the following terms to add to their “My Articles of Faith Book” (see Sharing Time, Friend, January 1995, page 36): “Testimony—a special feeling that comes to me from the Holy Ghost”; “First Coming—the time from Jesus’ birth on earth until His crucifixion”; “Second Coming—the time when Jesus, our Savior, will come to earth again and reign as King.”

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