Promises and Covenants

Have a child hold up a piece of an athletic uniform. Ask: “What do you promise when you become part of a team?” (You will come to practice, you will come to games, you will do your best, you will be a good sport.)

Have an older child come up; role-play inviting her [or him] to baby-sit. Then ask: “What can I expect from her when she agrees to baby-sit for me?” (Promptness; care of children; following your rules regarding phone calls, eating your food, etc.)

“What do I promise her?” (To get her home on time, provide a safe place to work, pay her.)

Role-play contracting a lawn-mowing job (or a paper-delivery job) with another child. Discuss the implicit promises.

Ask 2 eight-year-old Scouts to recite the Cub Scout promise [United States].

If you are in the United States, ask 3 older children to stand and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance [repeat a similar oath of country if you live outside the US].

Ask the children to show you other things they do to show that they have made a promise. (Shake hands to confirm a deal, say “I promise,” sign a check, raise the right hand to sustain someone in a calling, take an oath in a court of law, etc.)

Say: “We are going to talk about one of the most important promises, or covenants, you will ever make—the covenant of baptism.” Show Primary manual pictures 2–19 and 2–20.

Write on the chalkboard and ask: “What do we promise the Lord?”

Give one of the following wordstrips cut up into words to each of 3 helpers:
1. Take upon us the name of His Son

2. Always remember Him

3. Keep His commandments which He has given us.

Have the helpers post the words in correct order under “What do we promise the Lord?” Now write and ask: “What does the Lord promise us?” Have a helper put the wordstrip (cut up into words)

We may always have His spirit to be with us in order, and post them under “What does the Lord promise us?” Next, ask: “What do we promise when we are baptized?” “What does the Lord promise us?” “Why do these words sound familiar?”

Every week when we take the sacrament, we renew our baptismal covenant. These words are familiar because they are part of the sacrament prayer. There are three other things the Lord promises us when we are baptized (post the wordstrips):

Membership in His church,
Forgiveness of our sins,
and Salvation in His kingdom.

Review the things discussed earlier about making promises.

Conclude with Primary manual pictures of a modern baptism (2–20) and the sacrament (3–59).

Share your witness of the importance of the covenant of baptism.

For younger children: See Primary 2 manual, Lesson 12. Focus on preparing for baptism by following Jesus in learning to pray, be loving, be forgiving, choose the right, etc. Talk about thinking about Jesus during the sacrament.

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