Obedience Through Our Faithfulness by L Tom Perry

Shared by Amy R.:

Elder L. Tom Perry passed away today.  He has been on my mind, so I decided to do a Primary SHARING TIME about his talk entitled, “Obedience Through Our Faithfulness” from April General Conference 2014.  He uses the analogy of a harnessed horse being led by gentle tugs from the driver as a metaphor for how the Lord gentle guides us with His spirit.  When we choose to follow that spiritual tug, we are blessed with “God’s unlimited power and wisdom rather than our own limited knowledge and power.”

Since we have been studying the Articles of Faith (especially #3 and #4 which he mentions in his talk) this seemed the perfect time to review them using this talk.  I am going to show part of his talk so they can see him as well as hear his awesome voice (video sections 2:30-7:23 then 10:15-14:50) then ask questions like (1) Why is it important to obey?  (2) Who can we obey and why? (3) How do we know what choices to make? (4) How do you feel when you obey God’s commandments?  (5) Have you ever felt guided by the Holy Ghost to do something you did not think to do on your own?  I am attaching the handout/coloring page that I will give them to color if there is time.  I will encourage them to take the handout home and use it for a FHE lesson.

To use this as a CLASS LESSON where there is more time, I would dress up like a cowboy/girl and have a treat like pretzels or licorice reins, have the children pair up and have one lead the other blindfolded (with bandanas) around a simple (and safe) obstacle course with their hands on their shoulders and no talking.  Then switch.  Then have the children lead each other just with a small whisper.  Ask them (1) how it felt to be blindfolded and have to have faith in their “driver”, (2) how it felt to “drive” the other person, (3) could they feel then hear the instructions, (4) were there other distractions, etc.


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