My Prayers will be Answered

Ask: “What are some of your favorite stories of prayers being answered?” (Possible answers: Joseph Smith, Enos, Daniel, Nephi, and, hopefully, the children’s own prayers or a family story.)

Make the following wordstrips with the corresponding questions on the backs:
• WHO? / Who needs to pray? To whom do we pray? In whose name do we pray? Who answers our prayers?
• WHAT? / What is a prayer? What different prayers might you hear today? (e.g., prayer in a congregation, personal prayer, family prayer, sacrament prayers, blessing of a baby, blessing of a sick person, setting apart of someone)
• WHEN? / When should we pray? (see Alma 32:17–27 and My Achievement Days booklet, front cover)
• WHERE? / Where should we pray? (see Matt. 6:6 and My Achievement Days booklet, front cover)
• WHY? / Why do we pray? (to talk to Heavenly Father, to find out His will, to thank Him, to ask for blessings)
• HOW? / If someone didn’t know how to pray, how would you teach him/her? (see “I Pray in Faith,” CS, p. 14), What special language do we use when we pray? (see Friend, Apr. 1991, pp. 36–37).

Distribute the wordstrips among the classes, then have them determine the answers and choose a panelist to make a brief presentation. After all presentations, let the other children ask any related questions; direct them to the appropriate panelist.

Sing a song about prayer with which the children are familiar (see “Prayer” in the CS Topics index).

Share a personal experience and/or invite one or two children to share a personal or family story about an answer to prayer.

For younger children: Using pictures from the library, tell stories of prayer from the scriptures. Teach the children that we begin prayers by addressing Heavenly Father and end them in the name of Jesus Christ.

Sing “I Pray in Faith” (CS, p. 14). Talk about when and where they can pray.

Have them repeat the statement on the front cover of the My Achievement Days booklet—”I can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere.”

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