Lies Make a Web to Trap Us (If You’re Happy Alternate Words)

Have a child come to the front and hold up both hands. Without tying a knot, loosely wrap a thread or piece of yarn around the child’s wrists and hold it.

Explain that the thread is like a little lie. We can usually break free easily (have the child break free).

Then, while explaining that one lie usually leads to another, making it difficult to break free, loosely wrap the thread or yarn many times around the child’s wrists, and have him/her try to break free.

Explain further that we must repent (use scissors to cut the thread/yarn) in order to break free and be happy. There are bad habits other than lying that can bind us.

Have the children sing the following [alternative lyrics] to the tune of “If You’re Happy” (CS, p. 266):
To show I choose the right, I tell the truth.
To show I choose the right, I tell the truth.
I know the Savior’s way,
And it shows in what I say.
To show I choose the right, I tell the truth.

The action for this verse, made while singing “I tell the truth,” is putting the right pointer finger to your lips and lowering the finger in a small arc.

[Choose from the following alternate lyrics those that apply best to the children in your Primary:] Additional verses and actions could include “I will not swear” (zip your lips), “I show respect” (tip your hat), “I’ll rev’rent be” (fold arms), “I will not steal” (right pointer finger wigwags “No”).

Once the children know the first verse, have a child pick a wordstrip (the words in small capital letters) and have everyone sing that verse. After each verse, ask “How will I show respect?” (or “What does it mean to be reverent?” etc.). Finally, have all the helpers hold up their wordstrips and sing the first verse again but have the final line include all the wordstrips in the order in which the children are holding them.

[It is not clear what words are supposed to be on the word strips as this lesson was written in the Friend. I think you’re probably supposed to pick the main word from each alternative verse like truth, swear, respect, reverence, and steal. I’m not sure why the words should be in capital letters either :). ~Jenny]

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