Honour Thy Father and Thy Mother

Before Primary starts, hide the following wordstrips around the room (make the first letter of each word bold):
Owe our life,

[Tell the children you’ve hidden the word strips, and then] Have the children who find them bring them to the front. Post the words, one above the other, to vertically spell “honour”.

Have everyone read Ex. 20:12 and, if appropriate, mention that in the United States, the word is spelled without the ‘u’. Ask: “Whom are we to honor?” Discuss ways in which we can honor our parents.

Show pictures from the Primary manual picture kits of, and briefly tell stories about, fathers and mothers from the scriptures: e.g., Mormon and Moroni (4-51), Mary and Jesus (4-10), Lehi and his children (4-15), King Benjamin [father of Mosiah] (4-21), Alma the Elder (4-23), the Prophet Joseph Smith (5-10), Hyrum Smith [father of President Joseph F. Smith] (5-38), Adam and Eve (5-56), Noah (6-7), Naomi [mother-in-law] and Ruth (6-33), Joseph and Jacob (6-20), Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ (7-40), Jairus and his wife and daughter [Mark 5:35–43] (7-18), the Prodigal Son and his father (7-20).

Ask how the fathers and mothers showed their love for their children in these stories? How did the children show their love and respect for their parents?

Pass out a piece of paper to each child to write (or draw, for younger children) one thing they are thankful to their parents for on one side and, on the other side, one thing they will do during the next week to show their love for them.

Sing from the CS “Mother, I Love You” (p. 207), “Fathers” (p. 209), or “Love Is Spoken Here” (pp. 190–191).

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