Gratitude and the 10 Lepers – Crossword puzzle and lesson

I Believe in Having a Happy Heart

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord (Ps. 92:1).

When you do something kind for someone, do you like to be told thank you? How does it make you feel?

Heavenly Father and Jesus have given you many blessings for which you can be thankful. Being thankful means that you appreciate your blessings and the kind things other people do for you. When you are thankful, your heart is happy!

One day as Jesus was going to Jerusalem, He saw ten men standing outside a village. They could not go into the village because they were lepers. Leprosy is a disease that causes large sores on the body that spread and hurt. When the ten lepers saw the Savior, they asked Him to heal them of this terrible disease. Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priests. When they did as the Savior told them, they were found to be healed.

When one of the men discovered that he was cured, he went back to the Savior, fell down at his feet, and thanked Him. Ten men had been healed, but only one went back to thank the Savior. Who had the happy heart?

After reading the scripture story of the ten lepers in Luke 17:12–19, complete the word puzzle on the next page. Then color the picture.


2. The number of lepers who thanked the Savior

3. The disease that causes large, spreading sores on the body

5. What one thankful leper said to the Savior (2 words)

7. The city where the Savior was going

9. The number of men who were healed


1. The ten men were _____________ because they did what Jesus told them.

4. Another name for Jesus

6. We have a happy ______________ when we remember to say thank you.

8. The book in the New Testament that tells the story of the ten lepers

Answers: Across—(2) one, (3) leprosy, (5) thank you, (7) Jerusalem, (9) ten. Down—(1) healed, (4) Savior, (6) heart, (8) Luke.

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