Following Heavenly Father’s Plan

1. Give a picture of a person from the scriptures (e.g., Jesus, Joseph Smith, Nephi, Esther, Mormon, Daniel, Samuel, Ruth, Paul) to each class. Have class members discuss how the person followed Heavenly Father’s plan and in what ways he/she was blessed, then share their knowledge with the other children. See the Index and the Bible Dictionary for help.

2. Discuss the principles mentioned in the thirteenth article of faith with the children. Make a large banner for each class, and have class members decide what they can do together in Primary to help them live Heavenly Father’s plan (e.g., read the scriptures, listen in class). Have them write their ideas on the banner and decorate it, then show it to the other children and share the ideas on it with them.

3. Using “I Lived in Heaven” and “I Will Follow God’s Plan” (Children’s Songbook, pp. 4, 164), talk about our choosing to come to earth, about how important it is to have God’s light to direct us, about the purpose of life, and about the importance of making correct choices. Discuss what the songs suggest as ways we can follow Heavenly Father’s plan for us.

4. Have the children draw pictures to illustrate the following terms for their “My Articles of Faith Book” (see Sharing Time, Friend, Jan. 1995, p. 36): “Plan—A Way to Do Something”; “Choice—Deciding Between Two or More Things.”

5. Have each Primary teacher and the visiting member of the bishopric/branch presidency share with the children an experience in which they followed God’s plan and how it made them feel. They could also bear testimony of the importance of following God’s plan for them.

6. Hide something and tell the younger children to find it, but don’t tell them what they are looking for or how to find it. As they get confused and start asking questions, talk about why they are confused and how you can help. Tell them what the object is and give them directions for finding it (e.g., take four steps forward, turn to the wall that has windows, etc.). Discuss how much easier it is to find something when we have a plan and follow it.

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