Choosing the Right and Doing Good Deeds activity


O how great the plan of our God! (2 Ne. 9:13).

Before you were born on earth, you lived with Heavenly Father. While you were there, an important meeting was held and Heavenly Father presented a plan that would enable you to live with him again someday. Part of the plan was that you would receive a physical body and learn to choose the right and to do good. You chose to follow Heavenly Father’s plan.

Aurelia Spencer Rogers began at a very young age to follow Heavenly Father’s plan for her. She was six years old when her parents joined the Church. Her family moved from Deep River, Connecticut, to Nauvoo, Illinois. When the Saints were forced to leave Nauvoo, Aurelia’s mother died, leaving seven young children. They and their father crossed the Missouri River and went to Winter Quarters, Nebraska, where he built a log cabin for them to live in.

When Aurelia was twelve, her father was called to serve a mission in Great Britain. She and her fourteen-year-old sister, Ellen, said that they would care for the family while he served the Lord. How would you feel if your father went to serve a Church mission and left you in a new land to take care of little brothers and sisters?

Aurelia loved all children and was concerned about them. When she was a young married woman, she felt that parents needed help in teaching their children about the gospel and about how to treat one another with kindness. When the Primary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was established in 1878, Aurelia was called to be its first president. Today, all of us can enjoy Primary because Aurelia Spencer Rogers followed Heavenly Father’s plan for her.


The principles mentioned in the thirteenth article of faith suggest some good deeds we can do to follow God’s plan for us. On page 37 is a picture-plan showing a good-deed path. Remove the page and mount it on lightweight cardboard. Glue your photo where indicated, do the good deeds listed below it, and choose other good deeds and do them. (You might want to include giving a talk in Primary, doing something to make your home more beautiful, being patient, being courageous, and complimenting someone.) As you follow God’s plan and do a good deed, write what you did on a sign and color it. When you have filled in and colored all the signs, finish coloring the picture. Then color and cut out the badge and wear it as a reminder that you are following Heavenly Father’s plan for you when you choose to do right.

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