Baptismal Covenants – Rocks in Backpack

Tell the story of Alma teaching the people at the waters of Mormon (Mosiah 18:5–11). Discuss what it means to “be called his people [i.e., to take His name upon us],” “bear one another’s burdens,” “mourn with those that mourn,” and “comfort those that stand in need of comfort” (Mosiah 18: 8–9).

Bring a backpack and some rocks to which are attached problem situations (see below).

Line the rocks up on a table. Put a rock into the backpack as you name each of several burdens or causes to mourn (new in town, illness, etc.). Have a child lift the backpack. Ask 2 others to help him, and ask: “Is it lighter now?” Explain that Jesus Christ helps bear our burdens, mourns with us, and comforts us when we need comfort. He has asked us to do the same for each other. Have a child pull a rock out of the backpack, read the situation attached to it, and explain what he would do if he was trying to follow Jesus (i.e., he had taken Jesus’ name upon him).

Possible situations (write situations that apply to the children in your Primary):

  • Your dad is weeding the garden, and a friend asks for his help to move some furniture. What could you do?
  • Your mom is putting away groceries, and the baby wakes up and needs tending. What could you do?
  • Your friend has missed 3 days of school because of a broken leg. What could you do?
  • The new boy in your class has no one to eat lunch with. What could you do?
  • Your neighbor is on vacation; newspapers are piling up on his porch. What could you do?
  • The older lady next door can’t read the newspaper very well. What could you do?
  • Your friend’s parents are getting a divorce. What could you do to help your friend?
  • Your friend’s mother is very sick and has to go to the hospital. What could you do?

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