Baptism Q&A

Memorize John 3:5. Give each class a card. On one side, write Baptism. On the other side, write one of the questions below and its references. Have the classes search their scriptures, determine the answers, and share them with the rest of Primary.

Questions and references (the answers are in brackets [ ] for you):

• Who must be baptized? (Topical Guide—Baptism, Essential / especially John 3:5) [all people must be baptized, except little children]

• Why should I be baptized? (Topical Guide—Baptism / especially Mark 1:4; Mark 16:16; Matt. 3:15) [for remission of sins, to be saved in the kingdom of God, to show obedience]

• How should I be baptized? (Topical Guide—Baptism, Immersion; A of F 1:4; 3 Ne. 11:25) [by immersion, by proper authority]

• When can I be baptized? (Topical Guide—Baptism, Qualifications for; D&C 68:25) [I should have faith in the Lord, repent, be ready to make the baptismal covenant, and be at least 8 years old]

• What do I promise at baptism? (D&C 20:77; Mosiah 18:7–10; Mosiah 21:35) [take His name upon me, keep His commandments, always remember Him, be willing to serve Him, help others].

Sing “When I Am Baptized” (CS, p. 103).

For younger children: Have the teachers look up the references and help the children understand the answers and share the information with the Primary. Have an older child (or class) who has been baptized share the experience with the younger children.

[For a fun variation of this lesson, check out my “Prayer Reporters” activity. ~Jenny]

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