Put the letters that spell baptism on the reverse side of the pictures listed below (from the Primary manual kits [numbers with dashes] or the Gospel Art Picture Kit [3-digit numbers]), one letter on each picture. Scramble the pictures and lean them against the chalkboard.

Invite a child to choose a picture he knows about or wants to know about. Let him tell something about the baptism of the person in the picture if he can, and you mention any other important details. Then have him post the letter in the correct place for spelling baptism on the chalkboard.

Pictures and stories:

• 5–56 / Adam is baptized (Moses 6:50–52, 64–66)
• 2–19 / Jesus is baptized (Matt. 3:13–17)
• 7–39 / Peter and the other Apostles baptize 3000 on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:1, 14, 22–23, 32, 36–41)
• 3–48 / Alma baptizes at the waters of Mormon (Mosiah 18:5–16)
• 316 / Jesus Christ instructs the Nephites about baptism (3 Ne. 11:19–26) • 6–52 / Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery pray to know about baptism (Primary 5 manual, Lesson 8, and JS—H 1:68–72)
• 509 / Wilford Woodruff teaches in England; the constable sent to arrest him is baptized (Primary 5 manual, Lesson 29, pp. 161–162).

As you talk about these great stories, emphasize the importance of being baptized as the Savior was, by immersion and by the proper authority. We are following Him when we are baptized. Sing both verses of “When Jesus Christ Was Baptized” (CS, p. 102).

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