Articles of Faith Learning Activities

Invite the missionaries to testify about the Articles of Faith. If they have missionary cards with the Articles of Faith on them, ask them to share an experience they had when they used their cards. Children could participate in a missionary discussion about the Articles of Faith, with the missionaries serving as discussion leaders.

Sing “Faith” (Children’s Songbook, page 96). Focus on the words that talk about what faith is (knowing that the sun will rise, that the Lord will hear my prayers, that I will know in my heart when I do what is right, that I lived with God before I came to this earth, etc.). Use pictures and help children to discuss their feelings when they think of the word faith and when they know that something is true.

Dramatize the Articles of Faith story. The first week, have children write the script, which should include people asking questions about Mormon beliefs; Mr. Wentworth writing his letter to Joseph Smith; Joseph Smith pondering, then writing his reply; and the Articles of Faith becoming scripture. The second week, provide simple props and have them act out their script.

[D]ivide the … children into groups and assign each group one or more of the what, who, why, where, when, and how questions to write about and/or illustrate as a column in Mr. Wentworth’s newspaper.

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