Activities to help teach about the Godhead

1. Have the younger children pass a beanbag to each other while music is being played. When the music stops, the child holding the beanbag shares a characteristic of a member of the Godhead.

2. Divide the children into three groups. Have one group sing “I Know My Father Lives”; the second, “He Sent His Son”; the third, “The Holy Ghost” (pp. 5, 34, and 105, respectively, in the Children’s Songbook). After each group has sung, have them talk about the characteristics they discovered in their song about that member of the Godhead.

3. On pieces of cardboard, make a set of pictures and/or words that describe characteristics of the members of the Godhead. Have children match each characteristic with a member of the Godhead. Note: Some characteristics apply to more than one member of the Godhead.

4. Read the first article of faith to the children. Teach them “The Godhead” as a keyword or phrase that best describes what the article is about. Explain that during the year, they will learn other words or phrases to help them understand and remember each of the Articles of Faith.

5. Have children draw a picture to illustrate the following term to add to their “My Articles of Faith Book” (see Sharing Time, Friend, Jan. 1995, p. 37): “Godhead—Three Sacred Individuals: God the Eternal Father; His Son Jesus Christ; and the Holy Ghost.”

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