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Free LDS Printables
Free LDS Printables

Free LDS Printables

Since 2003 we’ve been collecting and creating printable handouts for LDS church members. Our extensive collection of over 5,000 files covers a variety of common topics.  This collection of LDS printables has been free for over ten years.

File Collection by Topic

Our files ares categorized by topic and LDS auxiliary.  To access the collection click on the keywords below to preview the files related to that topic.  Beside each topic is a number in parenthesis () that shows you how many files we have on that topic.  Skip down the page quickly by clicking one of the letters or numbers.

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      This library has PDF documents, JPG, GIF, DOC, lesson handouts, and other file formats. The majority of files were created by Jenny Smith or Chris Gunn.  Others are from  You will also find photographs of LDS handouts and other files were donated to us by users like you.


      Unfortunately we can’t offer support for software packages on your computer. We suggest that you download the free Libre Office so you can open most file formats. Acrobat Reader is required to print a PDF. Download the files by clicking the icons found at the bottom of each description page.  You can often right-click and choose “save” to download an image to your computer.

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