{Sponsor Spotlight} Making Precious Things Plain: Your Ultimate Gospel Learning Resource

Downloaded from: We have a new sponsor this month on Little LDS Ideas.You may remember this sponsor from a giveaway that was held a month or so ago…But if you are new to Little LDS Ideas then I would like to introduce you toMaking Precious Things Plain Making Precious Things Plain is a Gospel study resource website that includes lesson plans, handouts, Power Points, audio downloads, e-books, and a…
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Doers of the Word To Do List

I used this To Do List with the idea from the Seminary Lesson manual when teaching about the doers of the word.  After reading James 1:22-25, students were given several minutes to look over James 1-5 and to write down ways they can be doers of the word. The quote is from For the Strength of Youth (2012 version).

My Prayers will be Answered

Ask: “What are some of your favorite stories of prayers being answered?” (Possible answers: Joseph Smith, Enos, Daniel, Nephi, and, hopefully, the children’s own prayers or a family story.) Make the following wordstrips with the corresponding questions on the backs: • WHO? / Who needs to pray? To whom do we pray? In whose name do we pray? Who answers our prayers? • WHAT? / What is a prayer? What…
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