{Sharing Time} Scripture Study Gives Me And My Family Spiritual Strength.

Downloaded from:   Sharing Time Ideas from the 2014 OutlineIDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (answering questions): Ask the children to flex their arm muscles and show their physical strength. Ask what they can do to get stronger physically. Hold up your scriptures and explain that our spirits can get stronger as we read the scriptures. Ask the children to say “scripture study” each time you raise your scriptures. Ask a few questions that…
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Fishers Of Men Leadership Training

Downloaded from: We had a wonderful Young Women class presidency leadership training recently. We began with discussing class presidency responsibilities (found here), and how to use an agenda (found here), then talked about being “Fishers of Men” after watching this video. We then wrote down qualities of good fishermen, and related those qualities to being good “Fishers of Men”. Some of the responses are following: patient (we can be…
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Find a pattern

Try to identify patterns in the scriptures that can help your students overcome challenges. Look for words that repeat, phrases that describe a behavior or character trait, or doctrine, principle. EXAMPLE During our discussion of Matthew 4, I had my students explain Jesus’ three temptations to the class. I listed them on the board. Then we wrote under each how Jesus rebuked Satan: “It is written….” The kids were able…
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Matthew 4

Today we covered Matthew 4, the temptation of Christ. This has always been one of my favorite scripture stories. I’m not sure if it’s because Jesus owns Satan so soundly or if it’s that I feel like the temptations give an insight into the personality of the Savior… whatever it is, I always like this topic. There are a lot of JST footnotes in Matthew 4 that need to be…
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