{Sharing Time} Jesus Christ is the Son of God

Sharing Time Idea from the 2015 Primary Outline
ENCOURAGE UNDERSTANDING: Post three pictures on the board: John Baptizing Jesus, Christ Appears to the Nephites, and The First Vision.
Divide the children into three groups, and give each group one of the following scriptures: Matthew 3:16–17; 3 Nephi 11:6–8; Joseph Smith—History 1:17. Have them discuss the scripture in their groups and then report to the rest of the children (1) the event, (2) what Heavenly Father said, and (3) how they would have felt if they had been there. Invite a child to read John 5:39. Explain that we can gain a testimony that Jesus Christ is the Son of God when we read the scriptures and pray.
Sharing Time Idea from Little LDS Ideas

{From The Friend; April 2003}
Who is Jesus Christ? People of many faiths know that He lived over 2,000 years ago. Many believe only that He was a great teacher who preached about loving and serving one another. But there is more.

Who is Jesus Christ? He asked the Apostles, “Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?

“And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets.

“He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?

“And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” (Matt. 16:13–16.)

Jr Primary Idea

Before Primary, locate and hide in the Primary room three pictures: John Baptizing Jesus Christ (Matthew 3:16-17), Christ Appears to the Nephites (3 Nephi 11:6-8) , and The First Vision JSH 1:17).


Invite a child to find one of the pictures that is hidden in the room.

Read the scripture (listed above) aloud to the children. Once you have read the scripture ask them:

1.     What is happening in the picture?

2.     What did Heavenly Father Say?

3.     How would you feel if you had been there?

After all the picture have been found and each of the scriptures have been found read John 5:39 aloud. Explain to the children that we can gain a testimony of Jesus Christ when we read the scriptures and pray.

Another Way to Play

Follow the idea above, but once a picture is found, have the child post it and read the scripture aloud. Have the child imagine he or she was one of the people in the picture with the Savior or someone who was witnessing the event from “out of camera range.” Using a simple prop as a microphone, interview the child-witness. Ask questions like “Can you describe what you saw?” “What did Heavenly Father say?” “How did you feel if you had been there?” “What difference does this make in your life?”

Once you have finished ‘interviewing’ the child have them sit down and then invite another child to come to the front to find another picture. Continue until all pictures have been found.

Another Way to Play

This would work best for Sr. Primary. Have the 3 pictures posted on a board at the front of the Primary Room.

Divide the children into three groups, and give each group one of the following scriptures: Matthew 3:16–17; 3 Nephi 11:6–8; Joseph Smith—History 1:17.

The groups will read the scripture together and then come up with a few clues and answer the following questions. Clues could include: things that took place during that event, people that were there, etc.

example: This even took place at the River Jordan, John the Baptist was there, etc.

Have one child in the group write down their clues. Then have the children answer these questions:

(1) the event, (2) what Heavenly Father said, and (3) how they would have felt if they had been there.

Invite the first group up. Have one child read each clue aloud. The rest of the Primary children will be listening to the clues to try and guess what picture it belongs to. Once a child knows which picture it belongs to have them raise their hand or stand up.

Invite the child to come up and pick which picture he or she thinks the group is describing. Once the picture is guessed correctly invite the group to share some of their answers to the remaining questions. After the group has shared their answers invite the next group up.

Explain to the children that by reading the scriptures and praying we can gain a testimony of Jesus Christ and know who He is.

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