Easter Primary Singing Time Resurrection Eggs

Downloaded from: My husband and I recently attended the BYU Museum of Art Carl Bloch art exhibit. It had many religious paintings from Bloch and others called “SACRED GIFTS”. The link is HERE. It was very moving. There were many paintings of the savior during the time of his crucifixion and resurrection. It is free. Go see it if you are in Provo during the next month. My favorite…
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Easter Story In Eggs

Downloaded from: Egg #1: (palm) Jesus rode into Jerusalem and the people waved palm branches. Matthew 21:1-11Egg #2: (cotton ball with cologne on it) Mary poured perfume on Jesus’ feet. John 12:3Egg #3: (bread) Jesus shared the Last Supper with His disciples. Matthew 26:26Egg #4: (coins) Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Matthew 26: 14-15Egg #5: (a thorny stick) Soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus’…
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Resurrection Easter Eggs Singing Time

Downloaded from: The Resurrection of Christ….the greatest event to ever take place for us….I have SO loved this idea since getting it once in Relief Society in a lesson on the great sacrifice of our Savior and His Atonement. I have used this around the Easter dinner table in my family. I’ve used it teaching teenagers in Sunday School and in a Family Night. And I’ve reused it in…
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Matthew 26: Stay Out of Caiphas’ Palace

Downloaded from: Matthew 26:31-35 tell of the interchange between Jesus and Peter where the Savior tells Peter that he will deny him three times before the cock crows in the morning. Peter’s response is quite telling. He says, “Though I should die … Continue reading →

4th Year Leaders @ Girls Camp 3

4th Year Leaders @ Girls Camp 3

4th Year Leaders @ Girls Camp 3

I am a firm believer in using your 4th year girls at Girls Camp, 5th & 6th years if you are having ward camp.

4th Year Leaders @ Girls Camp 3

These girls will set the tone for your camp.  Utilize them for devotionals, utilize them for “nighty night” treats.  Have them come up with your menus and chore charts.  Assign them to teach the girls how to fold the flag,  Have them wright your skit, plan devotionals, lead in morning scriptures,  they are very good about coming up with your roll call cheer.  They can be a great source for you- if there are any struggles up at camp, bring them together to come up with a plan to help resolve it, have it be their camp. They will amaze you at what they can do if given the chance.

4th year requirements are below:- you can see how they can past most requirements off by leading, teaching and over seeing your camp.

Complete each of the following:
• Each day while in camp, find a quiet spot and read from the scriptures for at least
fifteen minutes. Include in your reading Matthew 26:36–46, an account of the events
in the Garden of Gethsemane. Record your feelings about what Christ did for you.
• Spend some time observing the night sky. Identify two or more constellations.
Then read Doctrine and Covenants 88:42–44; Moses 1:37–39; and Doctrine and
Covenants 67:2. Share with a leader or a group your thoughts about what you
observed and what you read in these scriptures.
• Demonstrate or teach ways to protect the environment in your area. Carry out a
project that helps to preserve or restore the area.
• Learn what to do for your safety during severe weather conditions in your area such
as lightning, tornadoes, typhoons, avalanches, or floods.
• Prepare a meal using two different methods of cooking.
• Help to plan an activity for the whole camp or your own group that will help the
campers get to know each other. Involve everyone.
• Discuss a need in the camp with the camp director and, with the help of the Youth
Camp Leaders, develop a plan to fill that need.
• Help to organize and participate in a nature walk or hike for younger campers.
• Describe the signs of a broken bone. Demonstrate first-aid procedures for handling
broken bones.
• Learn and demonstrate four methods for transporting someone who is injured.
• Review the first-aid skills for the first three certification levels. Demonstrate the
Heimlich maneuver, rescue breathing, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

• Help to plan and present a song or skit on a topic such as the camp theme; the
Young Women Values, Motto, or Logo; or stories from the scriptures.
Complete two or more of the following:
• With another camper or by yourself, learn something new about nature and teach it
to your group.
• Develop a project to help campers with disabilities. For example, develop a nature
trail or an experience with nature for someone who is blind or in a wheelchair or
who has other special needs.
• Demonstrate how to make a bedroll or an emergency ground bed from materials that
are not living.
• Plan and participate in an overnight backpacking trip or other adventuring activity.
Optional certification requirement:
You may choose to replace one of the certification requirements with one of your own
design. However, the one you design must be approved by the camp director before
you begin to work on it. Write the requirement you design in the space below.

Have Fun! Girls Camp is so much fun.

Below is a comment my cousin wrote to me about her recent experience at Girls Camp with the 4th years- Thank you Karen

I just got back from girls camp and we had the most amazing experience with deciding how to divide the girls into tents. This is what was done; the Youth Camp Leaders (YCL’s) fasted and prayed about who was to be in their tent then made those assignments before camp started, without any of the other girls; knowing.Once we all arrived at camp, the girls were gathered together and the camp director explained that the YCL’s had been fasting and praying about who should be in their tents. She bore testimony to all of the girls that the Lord was aware of each girl and they would be with the group of girls or YCL’s that they needed to be with during the week. This set the tone for the announcing of the tents and there was not a single problem all week long. There were no cliques and the YCL’s felt a feeling of stewardship for the girls in their tents. Many of the girls bore strong testimony at the last night that they were so glad that they had been placed in the tent they were in and the YCL’s also testified of their individual experiences. This was truly an amazing experience that I would recommend every time

I remember Jesus when I partake of the sacrament

Primary Talks

[CHILD MAY DISPLAY GAK 225 WHILE SPEAKING…] Shortly before his crucifixion, Jesus gathered his Apostles around him in an upstairs room. He knew he would soon die on the cross. It was the last time he would meet with these beloved men before his died. Jesus wanted the Apostles to always remember him so they could be strong and faithful. To help the Apostles remember him, Jesus introduced the sacrament….
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