Missionary Monster Match Up

Downloaded from: doors (my family says they need doorknobs…) THE OVERALL IDEA:The kids are Missionaries “knocking” on doors. (It’s a match game on the board with cute Halloween monsters behind the doors.) HOW-TO:1. Invite a pair of “Missionaries” to “knock” on doors. While they “knock” and try to make a match, sing a missionary song so everyone can help them find an Investigator. Keep “knocking” and singing until the…
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Song: A Child’s Prayer

Downloaded from: First, don’t forget to enter to win a custom portrait in my Etsy giveaway.For August’s song, I will teach each verse separately, using the flip chart at the bottom of the page.  Then, I will teach the children to put the two verses together by having them sing along while I play the video below on my iPad or laptop.  If you don’t wish to use the…
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Habitual sins are hard to break

Object Lesson

Could anybody name some bad habits? biting fingernails, swearing, smoking, eating too much, driving too fast, drinking too much alcohol, gossiping etc Do you kow anyone who has tried to break a bad habit and failed? I need someone quite strong to help with with this illustration “Please see if you can break this thread” give them a length of thread to break. “That’s good, you’re big and strong, you…
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