{Sharing Time} Scripture Study Gives Me And My Family Spiritual Strength.

Downloaded from:   Sharing Time Ideas from the 2014 OutlineIDENTIFY THE DOCTRINE (answering questions): Ask the children to flex their arm muscles and show their physical strength. Ask what they can do to get stronger physically. Hold up your scriptures and explain that our spirits can get stronger as we read the scriptures. Ask the children to say “scripture study” each time you raise your scriptures. Ask a few questions that…
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Review: “Seek The Lord Early” Lip Sync

By Erin Isenberg Inspiration for these characters comes courtesy of Jennifer on the Captain Moroni David Esther Joseph Joseph Smith Mary Nephi Noah Stripling Warrior Captain Moroni Captain Moroni was still a young man when he took command of the Nephite army as they defended themselves from the Lamanites and Zoramites. He told his people that they must defend their country, family, freedom, peace and religion. With much prayer and…
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Luke 1 – Luke 7

Well, another week has come and is nearly gone. I’m finally getting better at weeding out things to cover during class, but wow. It’s still difficult. With Old Testament, the problem was finding something to teach. With New Testament, it’s choosing which of many things to teach. If I ever teach New Testament in Seminary again, I will teach Mark first, then Luke and Matthew in harmony, and then John….
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Regional Seminary Training

Saturday was our regional Seminary training. As usual, the presentations were of varying value and interest, but I was glad I went. This time I took notes on my tablet using Evernote. I am in love with Evernote, I have to say. I also use the Swype keyboard, which makes note taking using a device without a full keyboard totally do-able. I was sitting by a hardcore geek during one…
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