Joshua 1

My kids are always silly on Mondays. I don’t know what does it to them, but most of the time Mondays are just a little sillier than usual. I’ve learned to just accept this and embrace the silly. It helps that I do find them genuinely funny, and so I don’t have to stretch too hard to enjoy their silliness, but I do try to keep them close enough to…
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I can Repent : Never Give Up

Primary Talks

This talk is taken from the April 2010 General Conference ==================== Never, Never Give Up By By Mary N. Cook First Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency Have you ever been afraid and discouraged as you’ve faced a challenge that seemed far beyond your ability? Have you ever wanted to give up? Imagine how Joshua, the successor to the great prophet Moses, must have felt, knowing that he was…
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2010 LDS Mutual Theme Information ~UPDATED~

You can get help on both YM and YW mutual activity planning at’s Serving in the Church section. Following is a list of LDS Mutual Themes, most recently announced theme first: 2010 Mutual Theme: Be strong and of a good courage Posted August 27, 2009 — first on the web! Visit frequently for theme updates and more! The 2010 LDS Mutual theme is “Be strong and of a…
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