Resurrection Handout

I taught my class about the significance of the resurrection while teaching John 18-21.  This was a really fun handout to discuss. Why did the disciples suddenly change from being fearful to valiant followers of the Savior? David O. McKay “At Jesus’ death, the apostles were stricken with gloom. When he lay dead their hopes all but died. Their intense grief, the story of Thomas, the moral perplexity of Peter,…
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John 10-21

You know, it feels like I’m better caught up on the blog than I really am….  I didn’t realize I was so far behind. Anyway, we are wrapping up with John this week. My class takes off all but one day during the week of mid-terms/finals so that students can rest well and do their very best on their tests.  A lot of classes in the area don’t do this,…
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Significance of Gethsemane or How can we understand the suffering of the Savior

I made this handout to go with John 18.  It describes the suffering of Martin Harris after losing the 116 pages, and likens it to the “least degree” of the suffering endured by the Savior when God withdrew His spirit from the Savior on the cross.  The text is as quoted in the New Testament Institute manual, with some portions removed so that it would fit on a single page….
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