New Testament Doctrinal Mastery Posters

New Testament Doctrinal Mastery 8.5×11 posters with reference and rhyme (Example: Baptize me – John 3), and key doctrinal statement. The color on the reference corresponds to the doctrines as follows: gray-Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge, purple-Godhead, light blue-Plan of Salvation, red-Atonement of Jesus Christ, green-Restoration, brown-Prophets and Revelation, yellow-Priesthood and Priesthood Keys, orange-Ordinances and Covenants, pink-Marriage and Family, blue-Commandments. Color Key included. The posters are pdf files which can be printed on…
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Primary 7, Lesson 2

Jesus Christ Volunteered to Be Our Savior
This is one of my favorite stories about Jesus Christ and all He did for us, it’s just a great analogy.
(Story included in download as a handout to glue in notebooks)

As I finished washing the dishes, I glanced out the window and saw my 
eight-year-old brother dangling a long pole in the swimming pool. His 
tangled brown hair hung in his eyes, and his clothes were splashed with 
water. He always managed to avoid helping with the chores, and today was 
no different. I watched as he carefully steadied the pole in the water, lifted it, 
and tapped it on the concrete deck.
“What’s he doing?” I wondered. I decided to go outside and see what
 time-wasting activity had kept him from helping me.
“What are you doing, Ben?” I asked as I walked over to where he stood.
“Saving bees,” he replied. I could now see that each time he steadied the pole, 
it was beneath a bee. He then lifted the bee out of the water and placed it on 
the warm concrete to let the bee dry its wings and fly away.
“But some of them won’t hold on,” he continued. “I try to save them, but they
 just keep trying to swim and won’t grab the pole.”
“Great,” I thought. “One less bee to sting me.” I began walking back toward
 the house, determined to waste no more of my time.
Then Ben spoke again. “It’s like Jesus,” he said.
I stopped and walked back to my little brother. “What do you mean?” I asked, 
confused by that comparison.
“I try to save the bees from drowning, but they have to choose to grab the pole.
 I can’t force them,” he explained. “And that’s like Jesus and us. He wants to 
save us, but we have to choose to follow Him and accept the Atonement. Hed
 can’t force us.” And with that simple analogy, Ben went back to saving the bees.

Included in the PDF download is a printout for the scripture John 15:13, full sheet questions, Saving the Bees story(sheet of 4) and the Plan presented handout (sheet of 4). The sticker label sheet is a Word doc and can be downloaded right above the preview for the full sheet questions.

Full Sheet questions
DOWNLOAD PDF HERE (includes all handouts)

Primary 7, Lesson 2
DOWNLOAD PDF HERE (includes all handouts)
Primary 7, Lesson 2
DOWNLOAD PDF HERE (includes all handouts)
I wanted to included this because it’s interesting and something that the kids can look back on and remember. Taken from manual.
Primary 7, Lesson 2

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John 10-21

You know, it feels like I’m better caught up on the blog than I really am….  I didn’t realize I was so far behind. Anyway, we are wrapping up with John this week. My class takes off all but one day during the week of mid-terms/finals so that students can rest well and do their very best on their tests.  A lot of classes in the area don’t do this,…
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NT John 16 Holy Ghost

Downloaded from: What would you need to survive in a hostile environment?John 15: 18-20John 16: 1-4Christ tells us that even as He was persecuted, so will we be. Expect to be treated unfairly and persecuted at some point in your life.He tells us how to survive our enemy.John 15:16John 16: 7, 13-15D&C 45: 56-57D&C 46: 7-8The Holy Ghost will testify, comfort, remind/reprove, guide/teach What we need to do is…
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Find a pattern

Try to identify patterns in the scriptures that can help your students overcome challenges. Look for words that repeat, phrases that describe a behavior or character trait, or doctrine, principle. EXAMPLE During our discussion of Matthew 4, I had my students explain Jesus’ three temptations to the class. I listed them on the board. Then we wrote under each how Jesus rebuked Satan: “It is written….” The kids were able…
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1 Samuel

I promised a friend that I’d blog about what I’m doing in Seminary for 1 Samuel, but I’ve been so busy….. Today I’m catching up, as usual. Report cards and catching up to 1 Samuel 16 This day I had a lot of material to cover because of getting back from the holiday after so many missed days. It was also report card day. Joy. I had the kids working…
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Jesus’s disciples were blessed by choosing the right.

Primary Talks

When Jesus was on the earth, he taught the gospel. The people who believed and followed him were called disciples. The disciples of Jesus Christ followed Jesus and tried to be like him. They chose the right and were blessed. Jesus’ disciples were baptized. They could be cleansed of their sins and return to live with Heavenly Father. Jesus’ disciples were fed. The people who followed Jesus Christ were filled…
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Jesus Christ is the perfect example for me.

Primary Talks

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. (Matt. 22:39.) One morning while the Prophet Joseph Smith was visiting with a group of men in front of his house in Nauvoo, a man came up and reported that the house of a poor brother who lived some distance from town had burned down the night before. All of the men said they felt sorry for the man. But the Prophet put…
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Keeping the Commandments / Moses lesson with craft

Lesson If ye keep my commandments, ye shall abide in my love; even as I have kept my Father’s commandments, and abide in his love (John 15:10). Have you ever tried to play a game that didn’t have any rules? You wouldn’t know how to start the game, how to play it, or how to know when it was finished. Rules tell us what to do. Heavenly Father and Jesus…
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