New Testament Doctrinal Mastery Posters

New Testament Doctrinal Mastery 8.5×11 posters with reference and rhyme (Example: Baptize me – John 3), and key doctrinal statement. The color on the reference corresponds to the doctrines as follows: gray-Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge, purple-Godhead, light blue-Plan of Salvation, red-Atonement of Jesus Christ, green-Restoration, brown-Prophets and Revelation, yellow-Priesthood and Priesthood Keys, orange-Ordinances and Covenants, pink-Marriage and Family, blue-Commandments. Color Key included. The posters are pdf files which can be printed on…
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Personal Revelation

Downloaded from: What is Personal Revelation? Why do I need personal revelation? There are a few activities that would be wonderful for mutual night- “The egg walk”- this activity is perfect for mutual/FHE/Activity days etc. Find a grassy area where you can walk bare footed.  Place Blindfolds on your participants, and have them walk through your designated area with out stepping on an egg.  Someone must guide and direct through voice…
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  I used this document during our discussion of Hebrews 11, however, the quotes are great for any lesson on faith. ___________________ Faith “I recognize two kinds of faith. The first is the kind which is apparent in the world. It is the common denominator of most everything that goes on. It is the thing that lets us exist. It is the thing that gives us some hope of getting…
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Setting Our Hearts Now

Downloaded from: One of our activities this month consisted of decorating cookies, cutting out hearts and then “heart Attacking” some of our girls we have not seen lately. Since it was before Valentines day we wanted to think about our Hearts, what they are set on and what their treasures are. What are the things that occupy our Hearts? What is most important to us? How do our choices and decisions show what…
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Activity: Valentines

Downloaded from: Cut out each of the hearts and tape each one to the bottom of a chair before the children come in.  At the beginning of singing time, ask the children to check the bottoms of their chairs.  One by one, have the children bring up their hearts and put them into a valentines box.  As each heart goes into the box, discuss a gift that Heavenly Father has…
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The Two Comforters

I used this Handout with John 14.  It was about the Two Comforters, especially the Second Comforter.  It helped my students understand this important topic better.  All of these quotes are from Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith.   The Two Comforters There are two Comforters spoken of. One is the Holy Ghost, the same as given on the day of Pentecost, and that all Saints receive after faith, repentance,…
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John 10-21

You know, it feels like I’m better caught up on the blog than I really am….  I didn’t realize I was so far behind. Anyway, we are wrapping up with John this week. My class takes off all but one day during the week of mid-terms/finals so that students can rest well and do their very best on their tests.  A lot of classes in the area don’t do this,…
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NT Matthew 26-28 Love

Downloaded from: John 14: 31 Jesus loved Heavenly Father so much He was willing to do all that Heavenly Father asked of Him.John 10:18 Christ willingly gave His life. NO ONE could take it from Him.John 10: 17 Heavenly Father loved Christ for His willingnessJohn 15: 12-13 Jesus loved us so much He died for usJohn 3: 16 Heavenly Father loved us so much He gave His only begotten…
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