Pause It

Movie watching during class can be dull and non-interactive, and let’s be real, sleep-inducing when you’re teaching seminary early in the morning. I like this quote: Showing movies in class should not be a Friday fun day activity.  Okay, I don’t mind if you show them on Friday or even if students enjoy watching them.  However, students should not view watching a film in class as any less rigorous than…
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Group Drawing

My students love group drawing. It’s good for covering material that is easy to imagine visually. I have also used it to cover distressing topics — like the events preceding the second coming — because these events seem less frightening when sketched for some reason. I have done group drawing a couple of ways. One is to divide the class into small groups and have the whole group drawing at…
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Minor Prophets – 1

Here’s my lessons up to today. I will post pictures and handouts as soon as I can. Hosea 1-3 Lesson objective: Students will learn that God loves his people and desires them to enter into his covenant. He is willing to “pay” to have them. On the board I wrote, “What are you worth to Heavenly Father?” (1 Corinthians 7:23) I explained to the class that today we are having…
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I lived with Heavenly Father before I came to earth

Primary Talks

Great things are happening these days, both on Earth and out in space. They seem to be the fulfillment of prophecies made long ago as recorded in the Bible. The Lord said through the prophet Joel that in the latter days He would pour out His spirit upon all flesh with the result that there would be wonders both in heaven and on earth. (See Joel 2:28–31.) Many miraculous things…
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