#PersonalProgressChallenge Week Three: Fulfilling My Mission

We’ve reached week three, which means we should all have the hang of it now, right? I know I’ve fallen behind on a few things, but I’m still trying my best—and luckily I’m ahead in a couple other areas, so I can spend those weeks catching up! This week I discovered which shows posts across social networks with the same hashtag, and so I decided to use it to keep an eye out for the #PersonalProgressChallenge hashtag. I’ve installed the hashtag widget at the bottom of the website so I can keep track, especially since I’m not an Instagram user. 

A quick glance at this week:


Individual Worth #3


Individual Worth #4


Faith #1

Faith #4

Faith #7

Divine Nature #2

Choice and Accountability #7


Read 2 Nephi 20-Jacob 5


What can I do now to prepare to serve in God’s kingdom?

How does recognizing God’s hand in my life help me bless the lives of others?

What decisions can I make now that affect my future?

What do the scriptures teach about the importance of doing God’s will?

Why does Heavenly Father want me to make my own decisions?



Share the acts of kindness you do for others in Individual Worth #3 with the hashtag #PersonalProgressChallenge


Share a goal from Individual Worth #4 and how you’re going to achieve it with the hashtag #PersonalProgressChallenge


Share something you learned from your Book of Mormon reading with the hashtag #PersonalProgressChallenge

Does anyone know where the terms ward and branch came from

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Jacob 5 Allegory of the Olive Tree Study Booklet

I made this study booklet for my class’ study of Jacob 5 over this weekend. It has a list of things that I think will make study of this difficult chapter easier for my students.  It includes a list of symbols and their likely meaning.  It includes information on some botanical aspects of olive tree production.  It includes a list of assignments to help students delve more deeply into the…
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Jacob 5 Class Activity & Glue-In

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Look for the Savior

Where do you see the Savior in the story? Is His atonement or attributes represented in the verses you read? How could these verses be an example or type for Christ? Don’t just look for direct symbols of Christ but look for things that show how Christ might act or how he may have influenced a person’s behavior. Look For: Look for verses or phrases that describe Christ’s attributes, atonement,…
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