2 Nephi 31-Jacob 4

This has been a fun few days for me in class.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m back in the groove or because the stress level is back down or what, but things have been good.  The only issue has been that I’m barely keeping ahead of the lessons.  I did get two lessons planned yesterday, so I am now a single lesson ahead.  I’m hoping to get some…
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Jacob 1 & 2 Worksheet

Downloaded from:  As teachers, we are to help our students learn to identify doctrines and principles in the scriptures. This can be difficult because most of our students haven’t really learned what doctrines and principle are. This Jacob 1&2 worksheet helps them in the initial step of seeing what well written statements of doctrine and principle look like.   It is also a spring board to teach those powerful doctrines…
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Book of Mormon Character Study Worksheets

This idea is based on one shared at LDS Seminary Teacher Group by Lindsey M.  Here’s what people say about it: Here’s an idea for recapping 1 Nephi. I did something similar last year in NT with Paul, and the students said it was one of their favorite activities! – Lindsay M   You know if you did this for each book at the end of the year you could…
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