I need your help

Hello Friends. I need your help again. Please also pass this on to anyone who might be interested. As you know, the 25 Old Testament scripture masteries have changed significantly from 4 years ago.  Because of those changes I want to ask for your creative help in figuring out new mnemonics to help students learn the references from the key words. Good scripture mastery mnemonics have some common characteristics.  There is something in the key words, that could spark and idea or […]

Objectify the Objects

What are things in the scripture block that you could actually see, touch, smell, visualize?. Picture these in your mind or better find the actually object and see what it teaches you about the way it is used in the verses you are reading. Look For: Look for objects in the scriptures–things that you could see, hold, touch, etc. Example: Isaiah 5:18 describes people that carry their sins like beasts…
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Teaching Isaiah

I’m not going to lie. This Isaiah stuff is HARD to teach! I will occasionally hit a lesson that takes me longer to prepare — in the 1-2 hour range. Usually that’s because I make a handout or have to try to find some supplemental media. But wow. This Isaiah stuff takes so much cross-referencing for me even to *start* understanding it that I’m spending at least 3-4 hours per…
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