Teaching Isaiah

I’m not going to lie. This Isaiah stuff is HARD to teach! I will occasionally hit a lesson that takes me longer to prepare — in the 1-2 hour range. Usually that’s because I make a handout or have to try to find some supplemental media. But wow. This Isaiah stuff takes so much cross-referencing for me even to *start* understanding it that I’m spending at least 3-4 hours per…
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Even though your sins be as red as the filling in this jelly donut….

Yesterday I backtracked and did 2 Samuel 7 and 9. I had accidentally swapped Bathsheba/David/Uriah thing with today’s reading when I spoke with the class about the reading, and so I went back to do this section of scripture. It turned out to be a really good lesson. In fact, it seemed to go so well I might do it this way again if I ever teach this material again….
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Repentance Object Lesson

Object Lesson

Hand out the objects. Explain that each object can be used to handle stains on clothing. Ask the students how s/he would use her/his object to treat a stain: Spot Treater – apply to stain and wash later. Crayons/Markers – create a decoration around the stain, making it look pretty. Patch – cover stain. Wet Wipes – try to wipe away as much as you can. Explain that sin is…
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