Modern Day Armor of God

By Linda Davenport Monroe Linda Davenport Monroe : #DandC27 #ArmorOfGod Modern Day Armor of God (idea from September 2014 New Era) with a bullet proof vest and baton. I used Nerf gun darts (devil’s darts) and wrote on them vices Satan uses to keep us from reaching our goal of Eternal Life. I threw the devil darts out at various students and they read what was written on the darts;…
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Nt Titus/philemon

Downloaded from: I love those books where you can choose your own ending.  Paul sent a letter to Philemon, a slave owner of Onisimus. (O-nis-i-mus) Onisimus ran away and became a follower of Pauls. He wanted to stay with Paul and Paul wanted him to stay. But he knew it wasn’t right. He told Onisimus to go back to Philemon. Paul wrote to Philemon trying to persuade him to think about…
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Galatians – Ephesians

Impossibly, it snowed again Sunday night into Monday.  The weather was so poor that the other teacher and I canceled Monday’s Seminary Sunday night, well before the school canceled.  School was completely out on Monday and on two-hour delay Tuesday, so I only got to teach two lessons this week.  We have missed an entire week of class this month due to snow days.  It’s March — crazy! Unfortunately we…
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Thoughts on the Armor of God

I’ve been collecting some links and other information regarding the Armor of God.  As usual, I start out with a very grandiose idea and whittle it down to something simpler.  At first I had planned to have each student make a full cardboard set of armor.  Cool, yes.  Physical reminder of a powerful lesson, yes.  Doable, yes, with difficulty. Cost, manageable but may not be able to be replicated by…
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