D&C 84 Handout

Attaching this to a small bag of chips for each kid to go with lesson 87 (D&C 84:43-61)
PERFECT! I’m going to make copies of this and attach it to the snack size bags of Doritos I have to hand out for “have you ‘red’ your scriptures today?” Doing small things like this all month: red treats to those who’ve “read” their scriptures.
What a good idea, Stacy Wallace Hansen! I’m glad you like it!

Link: John the Baptist: A Burning and a Shining Light – Ensign Sept. 1972 – ensign


Verse 28 talks about John being ordained by an angel, rather than his father Zacharias, who was a high priest. This article provides great insight, summed up in this quote:

President Joseph Fielding Smith has explained the matter of John’s ordination as follows:

“The reason Zacharias could not ordain John is because of the fact that John received certain keys of authority which his father Zacharias did not possess. Therefore this special authority had to be conferred by this heavenly messenger, who was duly authorized and sent to confer it. John’s ordination was not merely the bestowal of the Aaronic Priesthood, which his father held, but also the conferring of certain essential powers peculiar to the time among which was the authority to overthrow the kingdom of the Jews and ‘to make straight the way of the Lord.’ Moreover, it was to prepare the Jews and other Israelites for the coming of the Son of God. This great authority required a special ordination beyond the delegated power that had been given to Zacharias or any other priest who went before him, so the angel of the Lord was sent to John in his childhood to confer it.”

Group wall post by Jenny Smith

By Jenny Smith Jenny Smith : #dandc50 #dandc84 #dandc88 #moroni7 This is the first of a video series featuring Elder Bednar talking about the Light of Christ and other patterns/symbolic use of light. The third video is good for #dandc8 and compares receiving revelation to a sunrise. The second video addresses how a person can know if their feelings come from within themselves or if it is revelation or communication…
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Deuteronomy 8, 18, 29, 30, 32, 34

I’m posting this out of order, but I taught Deuteronomy last week. Just catching up. On the easel I wrote the following for Deuteronomy 8: Blessings of REMEMBERING v 2 v3 v4 v5 Dangers of FORGETTING v11 vv12-14 v17 v19 Here’s what I had in my notes: Blessings of REMEMBERING v 2 – God led thee, proved thee v3 – God humbled thee, fed thee, taught thee v4 – clothes…
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By the power of the Holy Ghost you may know the truth of all things

Primary Talks

I would like to begin my talk by reading part of a scripture: “Every soul who believeth … , and is baptized by water for the remission of sins, shall receive the Holy Ghost (D&C 84:64).” President Packer spoke about the Holy Ghost in the following October 1994 General Conference. I will read some part of his talk: Following baptism, in the ordinance of confirmation, you received, or will receive,…
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The Holy Ghost can Guide Us and Protect Us

Primary Talks

This is a true story about how the Holy Ghost can protect and guide us from the life of Willard Rosander. It was recorded in the Friend magazine in August 2008 and written as if Willard was telling the story to you: In 1878, President John Taylor called Saints to settle in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado. Early in the twentieth century, Pa moved our family to that…
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