D&C 60-64

Well, that went well.  I felt the spirit more strongly during this Relief Society gospel study lesson than in our previous lessons.  I started out by debunking that Mormon myth about the devil having control of the waters in D&C 61.  Easy.  Hopefully it’s clear to everyone that the destroyer is not the devil, but s/he is an angel of God’s whose job it is to tear things up when…
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D&C 63 Double Sided Glue-in

Here is a double-sided glue-in for Doctrine & Covenants 63. One for verses 9-16 about how an adulterous generation seeks signs. The second is for verse 34 and how the Saints will not entirely escape tribulations related to the second coming. If you are not sure how to do a glue-in (or to teach your class how to use them, you can see the instructions under the “Seminary Resources” tab…
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Utah High school Football Game has Improbable Ending

By Jackie McDonald Josephson Jackie McDonald Josephson: #dandc63 Showed a video on youtube: Utah High school Football Game has Improbable Ending and then showed the U of U mistake Kaelin Clay makes. We talked about the difference in the players. One drops the ball because he is overconfident and wants to celebrate and the other drops the ball without really knowing the rule of the game and the clock. Each…
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Acts of the Apostles 1-12

We started out the book of Acts with some excitement — or something like it.  Some terrible weather rolled in to the area, resulting in changes to the student’s exam and class schedules.  We had to cut out several days of class, but it didn’t hurt our reading schedule too much. January is always like this for us.  I don’t know why we can’t start school three weeks earlier so…
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