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#scripturemastrey Anyone have a clue to remember the key phrase and reference to these scriptures? D&C 6:36 and D&C 25:13
My class has really enjoyed the “mad fans” cards.
Ever heard the joke “Why is 6 afraid of 7?” – “Because 7 8 9!”
Well 6 no longer has to fear…
D&C:6 Look up, God will fix. D&C: 25 Covenants alive. These come from the SM Magic Square.
Six in French sounds like “cease”; D&C 6: cease doubt. 25: keep covenants alive
We say: “Doctrine & Covenants section 6…doubt not, fear nix.” For 25 we say, “Doctrine & Covenants 25…cleave to your covenants so you can thrive.” They work like a charm! Love, love, love SMs.
I point out that the reference 6:36 is like a face. The sixes are eyes that remind us to look unto Christ. The 3 is a nose.
Hey I was just going to say what Lydia said! That’s what we do. Also, Keeping covenants helps you be clean in D&CD 25:13.
My kids came up with D&C6 Jesus Christ will fix and D&C 25 Keep your covenants alive.
Thoughts on Christ affix. D&C section Six. Then 25:13 my kids came up with on average people make a marriage covenant at 25 or they said the 13 looks like a hand cleaving to the iron rod.
If we don’t cleave unto the covenants, we won’t make it to our 25th anniversary. The 13 Articles of Faith help us do that.
Brilliant! Thanks all!
One of my students pointed out there was a street sign that said something like “drive 25 – keep kids alive” Great for D&C 25 “Keep Covenants alive”

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