D&C 58:42 memorization chart

Good Morning, I just created the following flip chart to be used with Lesson 10, “Jesus Made Repentance Possible” from the Family Home Evening Resource Book.  It is a memorization chart for the scripture D&C 58:42.  It begins with all of the words being shown on the paper, and as you flip to each of the subsequent pages, a couple of the words are taken away.  The final page shows…
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Don’t carry the burden of sin

Handout by Melissa P D&C 58:42 Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and I, the Lord, remember them no more Don’t carry around the heavy burden of sin… “What good does it do for God to blot out our evil from his mind if we continue to let it dominate our thinking by rerunning it on our own?” -Sterling W. Sill Burden of Sin…
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Daily Do Now and Friday Lottery

By Eric Jorgensen Eric Jorgensen: — A daily learning + get-to-know-you activity — I thought I would share a teaching practice that has been working really well for my class this year. I call it the “Daily Do Now and Friday Lottery”. It provides a social learning activity at the start of every class which provides a double incentive to come to seminary on time. (Credit: This idea is a…
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It is not met that one should be commanded in all things.

By Patricia Crockett DuBray Patricia Crockett DuBray: #DandC58:1-33 It is not met that one should be commanded in all things. Conversation cards handed out to discuss (a few given to teams of 2, some given to individuals) and then present the following: *When I pray I feel empty inside. What can I do so that my prayers are heard? *My friend lost a close friend recently. How can I help…
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Mix it up

By Rachel Murphy Rachel Murphy: #dandc58 This morning in seminary I took my kitchen aide mixer and a carton of heavy cream. I asked the kids “What happens if I pour this cream in to the bowl?” They said, “It’s just sits there doing nothing and will eventually spoil.” We talked about our #scripturemastery D&C 58:27 and how we have to be anxiously engaged in a good cause and moving…
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Repentance Object Lesson

Object Lesson

Hand out the objects. Explain that each object can be used to handle stains on clothing. Ask the students how s/he would use her/his object to treat a stain: Spot Treater – apply to stain and wash later. Crayons/Markers – create a decoration around the stain, making it look pretty. Patch – cover stain. Wet Wipes – try to wipe away as much as you can. Explain that sin is…
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