Ideas for D&C 53-55

By Kathleen Hemphill Kathleen Hemphill: Any ideas on how to teach D&C 53-55? I saw the suggested video, but would really like to get the kids up and doing something…I am drawing a blank this week on all these lessons. So, if any of you have taught them PLEASE share. (50 minutes ago) JoLee Lofthouse Bottorff: Follow (38 minutes ago) Susan Barrett: I had talent sheets they passed around and…
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Talent show

By Stefani Lindsey Meyer Stefani Lindsey Meyer: #DandC55 We had a talent show today. I contacted each of the kids last night (individually). They did not know I was contacting anyone else. I asked them each to share a specific talent (if I didn’t know what to ask about, I contacted their moms first). I had all kinds of responses. Several declined, a few willingly took the challenge, and a…
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Rising Above Tribulation

By Sally Avena Sally Avena: This video works well for lesson 59 #DandC54 and #DandC55 Not only about gifts/talents but about rising above tribulation. (2 hours ago) Violet Dawn Berg: Sally Avena which video? (1 hour ago) Sally Avena: Sorry I pushed enter too soon and walked away :) (1 hour ago) 1 Susan Harvey: so perfect for DandC 52-55 (1 hour ago) Read More Read more here:: Group…
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