Lesson Planning: Don’t forget the student manual

By Jenny Smith Jenny Smith: I wanted to mention something I found while preparing last week’s lesson: the stories in the student manual are often better or extended compared to the teacher manual. For example in #dandc45, the student manual has a great extended explanation of the parable of the #tenvirgins from SWK. It’s not present in the teacher manual. If you’re like me and wanting more background or explanation,…
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By Shauna Second Coming “Scattergories” (see end of post for other adaptations)We are studying the signs and events, listed in Doctrine and Covenants 43 and 45, that will take place before Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. Preparation in advance (not necessary-but helpful) the day before, I assigned the students to read D&C Sections 43 and 45 and note the signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ for the next class….
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Minor Prophets – 1

Here’s my lessons up to today. I will post pictures and handouts as soon as I can. Hosea 1-3 Lesson objective: Students will learn that God loves his people and desires them to enter into his covenant. He is willing to “pay” to have them. On the board I wrote, “What are you worth to Heavenly Father?” (1 Corinthians 7:23) I explained to the class that today we are having…
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