By Shauna Second Coming “Scattergories” (see end of post for other adaptations)We are studying the signs and events, listed in Doctrine and Covenants 43 and 45, that will take place before Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. Preparation in advance (not necessary-but helpful) the day before, I assigned the students to read D&C Sections 43 and 45 and note the signs of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ for the next class….
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D&C 41-44 Handout

I created this handout to accompany my teaching of D&C 41-44.   D&C 41:11 After a reminder that only Joseph Smith receives revelation for the Church, Edward Partridge was called to be the first bishop of the church because of a certain personality trait. What is it? How can we eliminate this in our own lives? D&C 42:14 – Ye shall not teach Why is it so important to have…
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Link: How to Gird Up Your Loins: An Illustrated Guide

By Linette Teerlink Linette Teerlink : A humorous yet helpful illustration for the imagery “gird up your loins.” #girdupyourloins 13 (10 hours ago) Debbie D. Duran : I think there is a video clip about it in one of the seminary dvd’s…New Testament or Old? (56 minutes ago) Linette Teerlink : That would be cool! (54 minutes ago) Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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