D&C 41-44 Handout

I created this handout to accompany my teaching of D&C 41-44.   D&C 41:11 After a reminder that only Joseph Smith receives revelation for the Church, Edward Partridge was called to be the first bishop of the church because of a certain personality trait. What is it? How can we eliminate this in our own lives? D&C 42:14 – Ye shall not teach Why is it so important to have…
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D&C 41-44

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This lesson didn’t turn out how I expected, but it was a nice lesson.  This is one of those rare cases where I probably got more out of the lesson than anyone, but I think we all learned something. To open the lesson, I reminded them of the overview we had last week about the […]

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At the Ohio Ideas

By Shauna Hostetler Shauna Hostetler : Ideas for teaching the mini lessons from the #attheOhio lesson? 1 (2 hours ago) Donna Jean Young : I did a power point with pictures of youth, the Savior and Ohio. It was awesome. (2 hours ago) Debbie Lamalie Allen : I used that day to show the first half of the movie about Joseph Smith. Will add other information as we study the…
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