D&C 36-40

Ha! I found my lesson notes for this lesson!  I am going to back date it so that it shows in order on the website, but really I’m writing this three weeks after I gave the lesson, so hopefully I can remember how it went. This was the At The Ohio lesson for me, so I spent a good bit of time giving the class an overview of the Kirkland…
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Link: How to Stay Strong in the Gospel

By Jeanette Brooks Jeanette Brooks : In class tomorrow we are discussing #dandc39-40. I plan on using the manual ideas for section 39 to carry out the conversation but felt saddened by James Covel’s decision and wondered what he could have done to remain strong in the gospel. I went looking on I found this “stand ye in holy places” object lesson and thought It might tie in quite…
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At the Ohio Ideas

By Shauna Hostetler Shauna Hostetler : Ideas for teaching the mini lessons from the #attheOhio lesson? 1 (2 hours ago) Donna Jean Young : I did a power point with pictures of youth, the Savior and Ohio. It was awesome. (2 hours ago) Debbie Lamalie Allen : I used that day to show the first half of the movie about Joseph Smith. Will add other information as we study the…
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