Parley’s visit to the Lamanites

By Barb Gardner Barb Gardner : #DandC32 Here is the map that shows Parley’s journey to the Lamanites. Note how it follows the Ohio. If Parley had not been lead by the spirit in order to be with the others at this time it is very likely they would have picked up the Monogahela river in NE Pennsylvania, joined the Ohio and made the entire trip in a much more…
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Sharing scripture counsel with serving missionaries

By Darcie Johnson Mangum Darcie Johnson Mangum : #DandC30thru32 class was amazing today! I had decided to have the students read these sections, looking for their favorite counsel and encouragement for missionaries, and then we would make a collage of their favorite phrases and verses to give to our elders and sisters serving in our ward. So they read, and when time to share, I didn’t even have to draw…
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Pass the Chalk – blessings of missionary work

By Coleen Machiel Castro Coleen Machiel Castro : Today for sections 31 &32 I was lucky to have one of our missionaries from our ward who returned last night come and speak about blessings he received on his mission. Then we played “pass the chalk” students skimmed the sections for blessings the Thomas, Parley, and Ziba would receive. They would write one on chalkboard and pass the chalk to another…
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Group wall post by Kathleen Hemphill

By Kathleen Hemphill Kathleen Hemphill : If any of you are doing the ‘missionary lessons’ #dandc32 there is a great video on YouTube by Elder Rasband that is 5 minutes talking about missionary call procedure that is pretty interesting. 6 (46 minutes ago) Christy Elliott Vogel : Follow for D&C 32 (31 minutes ago) Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group  

Group wall post by Rachel Young McClelland

By Rachel Young McClelland Rachel Young McClelland : Who posted the lesson idea of showing a video of a missionary opening his/her mission call related possibly to dandc 30-34? Does anyone else remember reading that one? Was it in the comments or an actual post? 2 (5 hours ago) Jill Poppleton Velez : I remember seeing that post. Can you search in the group something like “missionary opening call” to…
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How Revelations Were Received -Glue-in

This simple glue-in shares how Joseph Smith generally received revelations recorded in the Doctrine and Covenants. Here Parley P. Pratt is expressing how he saw Joseph receive Section 50 of the Doctrine & Covenants. But you can use this when Parley is introduced in Section 32 or section 50 or any time you wish to give your students a better idea of how revelations were received. Before having a students…
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Missionary Assignment Activity

By Lynn Durkee Lynn Durkee: We are doing Gabrielle West’s missionary week and I called my kids today! I used the mission page ( to select 20 missions and wrote each of them on one of the cards. We did #DandC32 and #DandC31, and I assured them there would be lots more lessons on missions and calls next week. I am excited to play along, although I will not do…
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